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      Hey ,
      Im looking for someone to do a car nut spotlight on for my next newsletter. You wanna be next? (sort of a ‘how I got into hot rodding ‘ Readers Digest verison)
      You’ll get your car and you in the newsletter and a small story- it goes out to 6500 people in the area of New England/East Coast.
      If you got multiple cars,bikes, family, a small business to promote-you can use the story to let people know.Its YOUR space to do that.
      Anyone interested can email me ( ) and Ill send you the basic questionnaire or you can just write an article to put in on your own and send it to me via email.
      If I get a couple, they will all be used in upcoming months…
      Hope to hear from you guys. I like to have something like this in there every month

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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