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      Hi Dino,
      Paul Ceasrine here

      I just joined the site. Great job on the site with great people. Dover was just not a good track, but loaded with good people. My family spent many Sundays at the track.
      A little family history. My father, Vincent Ceasrine ran our family 67′ Barracuda Fastback
      at the track. Starting out in 68′ in J/S, then into K/S (he painted the car black and lettered it “The Shadow”). In 72′ he went into L/S, then switched to a 340 engine and went into
      SS/I for 73′, with a green paint job.
      When my father got to the line, you always used to crack us up when you would say,
      “Who knows? The Shadow Do”, in a deep voice.
      Anyway, he just ran for trophies, which we always felt was much more fun than
      $ Eliminator.
      We lived in Mahopac, but my father had an American Service Station off Fowler Road
      and Route 301 in Carmel, from 68′ thru 70′. The place was always loaded with local guys who ran at Dover. Lou Vignogna, Andy Kinash, Bob Schliegel, Frank Etrie and too many to
      I have several photo’s of Drag cars at Dover, which I can copy and forward to you.

      Super Pumpkin (E/G)
      Kandid Kamaro (E/MP)
      Goldilocks (Jay Hansen’s 69 Nova SS SS/HA)


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        HOW YOU DOIN’
        Bobby Schlegel here,,, 😮
        awesome to see you on the site, 😉
        LiL SCOOCHE (Vinny) was on a while back
        remember your storie as if they were yesterday,
        remember your dad telling the story the day I
        started my flat head digger on rte 301 in front
        of the station and there was water in the pipes
        the woman getting gas got a free car wash 🙄 😆
        hope all is well with the family’s
        say Hi to all from me,
        wait till Drake Viscome get’s on and
        see’s your message, 😯
        pm me when you have time we’ll swap
        phone numbers

        Great to hear from you
        take care
        Bobby S….

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          Dino,hurry ,come look, another Prodigal Son has returned like Luke said, kill a fatted calf,find some rings for his fingers ,a robe and a pair of sandals our long lost son Paul has come home, let the feast begin!!
          Where have all these lost sons and daughters been all these years,welcome home Paul!!
          I bet you have lots of stories to tell of your families Sundays at the fast track Dover Drag Strip!!
          I wont put you through the 3rd degree!!!
          Find a comfy spot ,join ODF grab a bag of chips watch some videos and check out all the pics turn back the pages of time!!
          Gotta get the family out to Marcus Dairy in September for the 19th reunion and that will be a warmup for the Dover Drag Strip race at Island Dragway in Great Meadows ,N.J. October 18th!
          Bring a race car or hot rod its time to get back to where you left off ,join the fun !
          Get your friends on the forum,join ODF ,get some shirts to wear!!
          Get those pics posted or mail em down to Dino!
          Check out Drag Racer magazine, Connecticut’s own Randy Fish went to watch the races in California and never came back Randy puts out theeeee best Drag rag out there, go to the Drag Racer web site or find a copy at the news rack!!

          Gotta run and find more calfs to fatten up!


          That……was our “official Greeter” ‘Video Bob’….You’ll find out 😀 …[edit-dino]

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            Hey Paul, welcome! This site is a hell of a bunch better than that one the guy had on Sunday Niagra, innit?
            If memory serves, didn’t you hang with Centolanza’s?
            I think I had sent you some pics of their’s and our cars a couple of years back

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              Storm..where ya been.?.in reference to Centolanza…we tracked down Lou and Joe Beltempo through Newburgh Auto Glass guys.They’re expected to run Island with us.

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                Told ya, man, fightin’ to get my country back from the Manchurian canidate and socialist leftist! It’s more important than drag racin’!
                Joe Beltempo, I’ve talked to him a couple of times on the phone. I guess I need to talk to his wife to get him set up and logged in here.
                Bill met a guy at PRI that lives next to him in New Windsor.

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                  Hey Storm King,

                  It’s Sunday, what are doing home on the computer. Your supposed to be heading into
                  Dover this morning, off Pleasant Ridge Road. Weren’t we supposed to meet at Adam’s
                  Diner at the intersection of 22 and Pleasant Ridge. Well I’m still waiting here.
                  I asked the girl at the counter for a wedge, and she put a 64′ Dodge 426 Stage III in between the two pieces of bread.
                  Yes we knew the Centalanzo’s, but didn’t hang with them. My father bought his first pair of
                  slicks from them. Traveled to Highland Garage in 1968, when I was only 11. I saw the car in the back of the garage, the white RO Hemi, and I was hooked.
                  I put a question on the forum, about the “Black Arrow”. You are probably the most qualified to answer.
                  According to the 1965 Super Stock Plymouth’s factory owners list, Bill Jenkins of
                  Berwyn, Pa is listed as the owner or list register of the #12 car.
                  Also, Jim Campisano, author of American Muscle Car (Page 22), states that Jenkins got a
                  “Ride of his own” from Chrysler with a 1965 Plymouth Super Stocker, to be called
                  the “Black Arrow”. It did not state that Chrysler gave him a car, only that he got his own ride.

                  Whats’ up?


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                    Paul….We have a lot of differant topics going ALL about the Black Arrow it seems….See’ Storm King Memories and Black Arrow Mysterys’ …also our forum member in Canada- JrStk – is resaearchung Grumpy stuff…adding more to the mix…try “Black Arrow” in search box…amazing what happens.

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