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      A customer told me that there is Drag Racing at Dutchess County Airport approx Aug 16. I was wondering if anyone has heard of this? I think open header cars would make more noise than the small planes that use the airport.

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        YES and NO ….Ultimate Street llc rents it ocassionally … Call “Steve” at 404- 583-4873…they charge $45. $10. per person for the day .
        Here”s link to airport http://www.co.dutchess.ny.us/CountyGov/Departments/Airport/ARIndex.htm
        ….purpose of renting is Not Race But to gather video footage for their own “thing” ….leisure type of thing next …aug. 15-16 ………………………. drift slalom …? ? ?……………… http://www.ultimatestreet.com

        ………………Cool Place to Test your Car ?

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          Won’t these guys flip out when a few of “The Boys” show up, to practice water burnouts with Alcohol Blown big blocks or tunnel rams and 12 inch Slicks …………LoooooooK Oooout !

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            I was there about two weeks ago with a bunch of friends i think there site is ultimate street.com we ran my friends 57 blown BB chev yellow there are alot of video from that day many cars all types .Brian

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              Brian….all info above …talked to the guy and website link there too.

              …..Click this link: http://video.ultimatestreet.com/video/924/1957-chevy-burnout
              IF this is your buddie , He better be at Reunion AND our Nostalgia Drags !

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                Steve sent this and said to share it with you !…

                Dear Car Enthusiast,
                This is a personal invitation to the upcoming Ultimate Street Airstrip Event, hosted
                exclusively by UltimateStreet.com. Either a few trustworthy individuals or myself have
                hand picked every single guest that will be in attendance. This is a private event held
                without the presence of any spectators.
                Our last event, held on June 27th of 2009 was a huge success. I would like to personally
                thank all who were present for their support. We are committed to offering exotic and
                high performance cars owners the proper facilities to utilize their vehicles, such as race
                tracks and runways. We are expecting at least two more events in 2009 alone.
                The upcoming Ultimate Street Airstrip Event is a photo and video shoot organized and
                funded by Ultimatestreet.com. The purpose of this meet will be to gather video footage of
                high end and high performance cars for an internet show that will air once a week. Each
                episode will feature cars from our events. The owners of the cars will also be featured in
                interviews that we will conduct.
                The admission fee for this event is $45 per car and $10 for each additional guest. Your
                admission covers your track use and your meals for the entire day! Please limit your
                guests to 3 people per car including the driver. Some Benefits for car owners include:
                • Food and drinks for the day. ( No Alcohol)
                • After initial video shots are obtained, owners can race other cars.
                • Cars and guests from the event will be featured on our weekly episodes.
                • Great networking between high end and high performance car owners.
                The Ultimate Street 3 Airstrip Event will be a 2 day affair, featuring two different classes
                of cars:
                Saturday August 15th- High end and Exotic cars such as Ferrari, Porsche, BMW,
                Mercedes, Audi, Lamborghini, Jaguar, Nissan GTR, Dodge Viper, Corvette, Lotus.
                Sunday August 16th- American Muscle Cars and Import Tuner Cars.
                The event will be held at the Dutchess County Airport on August 15th and 16th, with a rain
                date of August 27th and 28th. Both of those dates are on the weekend. If you are
                interested in attending, please call me at 404-583-4873 to book your spot. So congrats
                for being selected, and we look forward to seeing you!
                Steve Ono
                CEO Ultimate Street, LLC

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                  This is just a reminder that the Ultimate Street 3 Airstrip Event is less than 2 weeks away!

                  Please make sure to visit Ultimatestreet.com and RSVP for the event by hitting the “Events Calender”.

                  …..Sounds like “convieniant “Test N tune” to the guys Close to it ??? Think Brian and his friends are going .

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                    Video Bob called and Got this info…Only 100 cars allowed get there early -Sunday Aug. 16th for race cars… Gate opens at 10 …get there- in line- way before that run 1/8 mile …grudge matches…no timing /clocks… BUT you have to have all the safety equip.

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                      Whos up??? 1/8 mile no lines, no guard rails, at a open running airport !!
                      Flag starterta boot got a favorite person to flag yas off?? no clocks,no red lights, OH, no anything but noise and smoke !!!!
                      Brian,whos going from Kingston??
                      Do this all day ,Steve told me food is included ,limited to the first 100 cars ,sounds like more fun that you know what !!!
                      Tiny E.,you in? its right down the road from your home 20 !!!
                      How bout those Henry J’s that are parked in Danbury ??


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                        Oh Boy …can see it know…”Will all the guys in the Dover Shirts Please report to the manager”

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                          Hey Guys,
                          Sorry about the last minute email…
                          The address to the airport is:
                          263 New Hackensack Rd. Wappingers Falls, NY 12590
                          DO NOT try to enter the facility through the main entrance. If you are in the main parking lot, you must make a left out of the lot, make a left at the light, and make a the first left on to the service road and observation lot. There will be signs displaying the way.
                          Thanks for all of the support and interest in our event. Its going to be a great time.
                          Best Regards,

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                            ANY body go to this ?

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                              Yeah’ I took drive over to check it out. Pretty cool event,around 100 cars (don’t know the exact number).
                              Distance was maybe… 1/8th mile. No christmas tree,no times or speed…could have been street racing.
                              LOTS of burnouts,donuts and smoke. $20 to watch and $45 to race and best of all,for me, about 25 minutes away!
                              I didn’t take any pictures,but will put together a small video to post on my jmb442 youtube site.

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