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      This entire website is covered by copyright protection. As is all MY Artwork .All rights reserved.That means nothing (content, images or artwork) can be copied or reproduced in any manner without the express written permission of the site owner or original property owner.. However , you are free to do so for your personal entertainment and enjoyment and if so, may display for non-commercial purposes.
      It is our intention for creating this site to promote the memories and legacy of Dover Drag Strip. The name -Dover Drag Strip is a pending Trademark covered under federal law and filed with the United States Patent &Trademark Office

      We make Every Effort to Obtain Permission and Clearence from Donors Of all material submitted ,that we market ,to help defray the expense and upkeep…… and will continue to do so. So far All Images ,Photos and Submissions HAVE that permission .
      Sorry for the legalize…it’s for your and our protection. By Submitting your personal photos,or any other articles , we have no way of determining the original source of the item .That leaves the responsibilty to the poster as to it’s legitimacy. By posting ,you are approving the right for us to display to the public. And these photos are then available for viewers to possibly reproduce (copy) .We make this site available for the general enjoyment of viewers, without any intentions of marketing your photos without your written permission. If you wish to be credited or restrict the reproduction of your photos , please state that when you post.

      NOTE : It has come to our attention that Photos and Artwork have been copied and used for resale without OUR or the original owners permission. If you want to protect Your Stuff and can find out who’s doing it…I suggest you contact them and let them know It’s Your property, and to cease ,unless you work out an agreement. To further protect your submission …I also Suggest ,you post them In the Multi-media Section ,only accessed By registered Forum members .We can track who ever is there and have all the contact info. This is really Theft without due compensation and Some poeple seem to think once it’s posted on the Internet ,It Public Domain…It’s Not. Just by saying You can’t do something ( which is correct),Doesn’t mean people will do the RIGHT thing…Happens all the time .

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        ….It’s Too Bad I Have to Even Post This …99.9% of our guys don’t need to hear it ,they know better…But we have increased Traffic and visitors all the time that need to get “with The Group”

        The Same goes for OUR Historical Photo Disc. Here’s What It Says In the “OPEN FIRST” folder of the Disc:
        Legal Disclaimer:
        You may not use any photo or portion of a photo beyond its expressed use without
        written permission. Contact Dean Lawrence at to request
        photographic material or to ask for details.

        Terms and Conditions:
        Use of photos, text, images and other content provided on this disk are subject to the
        following terms and conditions:
        All the information and content recorded on this disk are the sole property of By accessing this disk, you agree to the following terms and
        1. All photos (GIF and JPEG) on this disk are copywrighted © 2009
        Therefore this disk and any of its contents may only be printed or copied for personal
        use only. The contents of this disk may not be translated or distributed in any manner
        (electronic, web or printed) without the prior written consent of

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