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        For all you New guys …and a bunch of old too…. If Your’re Not An “Official “ODF Premium Member, then your missing out on the access to over 3500 photos in the members gallery and all the Goodies you get in the mail. Its a one time LIFETIME membership !
        See this post for the detailed info.

        …………..And this link,shows you the Goodies and Sign-up info:

        ……………By joining ,you also help to pay the expenses,to keep this site going.


            Dino this is a great deal and a great website,Where else can guys go back and forth to talk about fast cars.good times and hook up with old friends plus get a Dover Dragstrip T-Shirt.I am glad that I joined the ODF CREW and have a lifetime membership . Bob Rizzi~~~


                Thanks Riz..If you’re coming to Dover Fest -You can sign up on the spot For ODF Premium Membership. I’ll have all the goodies you recieve when you join ….so you can take them home with you! We can take checks or Credit Card info ,and process the transaction as soon as I get back to office. It IS a good deal and gets you into the ever expanding Giant Photo galleries. Remember it also helps pay the overhead of running the whole operation. 😉
                I’m thinking ( no wisecracks) that with the latest count of 741 registered on the forum ….only a fraction of you are ODF Premium Members. All that arn’t, Didn’t get all the neat Dover trinkets in the mail and CAN’t View the over 3500 Photos we have assembled. Now You could order the DVD photo disc, But when you become a member ,you’ll get a giant discount on it, and everything else ! Maybe with all the almost 14000 posts here ,you just overlooked it …Being an ODF (Old Dover Fart) tells the world with your member decal ,you too ,are still a crazy Dover nut ,after all these years and needed a new t-shirt. Support Senoir Drag Race insanity and help the site stay updated. Join at Dover Fest if you wish and go home with your Member kit ,without waiting for the efficiant (government run ) postal servive to deliver it..HERE’S all The Info:


              Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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