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        Someone besides me must have been there.
        Surprised it not mentioned. Great fuuny car match race (69′ or 70′?)
        Paula with the deep red “Miss STP” Mustang and Della Woods “Bernella’s Funny Honey” Charger.
        Match race (2 out of 3) won by Paula. Correct.
        Does anyone out there have the 8″ x 10″ glossy photo’s of the hand outs that Della Woods handed out that day. I saved it for about 10 years.
        Bobby S. help us out. Maybe a photo from your historical stock.
        Wasn’t there some altercation between the two funny car crews after the third race ❓
        Help me out here.



            Brian might have that hand-out in the “museum” ….I’ll hit the ODF Gallery and check what lurks there.Good memory Paul…Me and a few others a little fuzzed out on these details sometimes !


                See what you’re missing in the ODF Galleries…….from Kathy V. collection…Bobby S. and Video Bob “Probably” have more



                    While Paula did have a rather crude looking Mustang at one time, that’s her Plymouth Duster.


                        Just this picture of the Bernella car from ’67 😮
                        when we had our altered wheel base dodge in the
                        car show at the NY Coliseum in NY.

                        was told than the name came from putting
                        Bernie & Della Woods, (brother & sister)
                        two names together and got “Berenella” 😯

                        This was the first time I meet Don Garlits
                        he was part of the Mopar display.

                        I’ll ask my cousin & my brother if they
                        any pictures from the show.

                        V Bob were you there 😯

                        Bobby S.



                            You guys are amazing with your “Toys in the Attic”.
                            Storm King is correcto-mundo. Miss Paula had the Mustang in 68′ and 69′. Match raced
                            Ritchie in “The Shotgun Express” one year, and may have had a minor duel with
                            Drake “The Vindicator” another. As for August 70′, forgot she went to the Mopar Duster.
                            Someone must remember the altercation (Uhm! discussion) between the two ladies.
                            If someone can dig up the 8″ x 10″ glossy of Della, you’ll get a thrill, (she was hot). Had the picture on my wall for a few years, between Raquel Welch (10,000 years B.C. poster) and the Sox & Martin 68′ SS/B Hemi Cuda.
                            Maybe that altercation was between Ron Frost and one of the Valentines, after someones car broke at the line, and a nasty remark was overheard.



                                Uh …Here we go …another Dover Door …Valentine “Altercation’ was when Lee popped Ron Morehead right in the mouth when He laughed out loud ,after Lee’s dad Tom lost a Final round….They buddies and race together now, though.



                                    I’m scaring myself now. I was only 13 in 1970. How do I remember these things. Maybe Dover was a bigger part of my life than I thought. It was, I’ll get into that later.
                                    Here’s one for Bobby S.
                                    I remember the 70′ Rebel Machine, what was it named “Ceravicous” or something like that.
                                    White with nice lettering, Cragars or 5-spoke chrome wheels. Motor, I think was prepped by S & K, out of L.I. 390/340 HP, but HP got re-factored by NHRA. Car may have been classed
                                    in G/S or H/S, or SS/K or SS/L.
                                    Here goes. The car, if I recall came out of Geis Motors, Shrub Oak. Well guess who played
                                    baseball for the Geis Motors Tigers. Yes, I did, the Shrub Oak Little League. Won the
                                    championship in 1970 and 1971.
                                    Now how the hell did I have enough time to play baseball, and go to Dover and remember
                                    all these things ❓
                                    Man, I must have been everywhere.

                                    P.S. I’m scaring myself.



                                        I think the Valentine vs. Frost fight was ended by a first round TKO.
                                        If I remember correctly, someone in the tower (who will remain nameless) tried to
                                        instigate a fight between Miss Paula and Miss Della. Am I close 🙄


                                            Don’t think it was Valentine Vs Frost …See what I said above ? And Yeah …thought we could get the Lady racers to Mix it up a bit for Crowd interest . How the heck did we go from two lady Funny car drivers, to this …baseball, fist fights,and Rebel Machines ??? thats what happens some times …Gotta Read Everything …Oh – I PM’d Lee to get on and fill us in …See’in as how ,he was the “contender” in this match or 2 or someone else or I don’t know.


                                                third base for you on that one, 😮
                                                not a home run though 🙁
                                                yep from Geis in Shrub Oak,
                                                yep on S&K when Jack Merkel was there,
                                                390/335 hp H/S, but the
                                                car was named “LIL MISS CARNIVEROUS”
                                                (flesh eating)
                                                had feathers & differant critters foot prints on the trunk,
                                                sound like you were a busy lil bub, 😆
                                                or maybe read some of the other forums 😳

                                                say Hi to all
                                                FYI the new MOPAR header kit is working wonders
                                                on the new HEMI’s in the big bodys lol,,,,, 😯

                                                Bobby S.



                                                    I slid under the tag at the plate, but the ump called me out.
                                                    Saw a couple of Dover Class trophy’s in the Geis Motors parts department a long time ago.
                                                    I know where they came from. Now, if you only bought one of those Hurst-prepped 69′
                                                    S/S AMX cars, and my father bought a Hurst-prepped 68′ S/S Hemi Cuda 🙄 You could
                                                    set them up for a match race on the Causeway out on Rt. 301.

                                                    Remember the trunions ❓


                                                        The Knockout.

                                                        This is what was heard at the end of the pits, the last grandstand.
                                                        A large crowd was gathered in the section between the tower and staging lanes, watching
                                                        off-the-line take-offs. A Valentine Super/Stock car broke at the line. A Mr. Frost made a snide remark followed by an outburst/laugh. That was overheard by another Valentine family member standing directly behind him. A punch is thrown and landed.
                                                        DOWN GOES FRAZIER! DOWN GOES FRAZIER! DOWN GOES FRAZIER!


                                                            you mention the S/S AMX
                                                            we wanted the one that was at Finks AMC on route 6
                                                            next to the fd. He did not want to let it go.
                                                            Even when I was working the in ’78 he never talked about it,
                                                            I asked him? no answer. I have some ideas, after working there
                                                            I saw how he managed $$$$??.

                                                            Headers on mom’s car with a BROLA cat back system SWEET. 🙄 😆



                                                                Forgot about Finks’ on Route 6. The place was actually closer to “The Stop Light” lounge, which was a better place to hang out than the Fire Dept. 😀 (if you catch my drift)
                                                                Remember something about an AMX drag car in the garage all the time, but can’t remember if was an original S/S AMX or 390/315hp car.
                                                                He was a little difficult to negotiate with. He had a 70 AMX on the lot, with the factory
                                                                hood scoop and flat black hood, and my friend Mike Crezcenzo tried to buy it, but Mr. Fink kept changing the price. Remember the canopy roof section on the right side of the
                                                                property, where all the used cars were parked.
                                                                By the way, I went to school and played baseball with his daughter Karen. I got a triple off her, and was thrown out at the plate when I tried to score. Her hair was blond. That’s the hair on her head. 😯


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