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        Hope you have recovered from the Dover/Island Drags, wish we could have been there. Going to meet up with Rich Marchese at the PRI Show in Orlando in a couple of weeks.
        The shot I’m forwarding to you was taken at Atco, NJ in 73. We were runner up to Al Joniec that night,after beating Iaconio & Clyde Cheek ( Hemi Duster ). Probably the Pinto that Drake wound up with. This was a Pro Stock Circuit meet, 8 fastest qualifiers.
        The photo was taken by the track photographer. After I moved to Tenn., my wife took the photo to work to show them. When she was done she put it in the trunk of the car, trunk leaked, photo got wet. Some friends of mine in tenn.were in the photography business.
        They photographed the photo in black & white, sent it to this 82 year old lady, who colored it with the same process they did thier wedding pictures. She made quite a fuss about all those little stickers, & didn’t comprehend how big the rear tires were. Altogether an awesome job tho. All this was about 20 years ago. I still have the water stained original, & the black & white copy. Bill



            Rich at M&M,
            Take a look at the gap over the rear tires. I had the front leaf spring mount too high. This was the first photo I had of the car leaving the line, & didn’t realize how the chassis was reacting on the launch. The body is raising about 8 inches over the back tires, while the front is only about 6 inches in the air. The front end only had about an inch of travel before it pulled the wheels. When I ‘d hit 2nd, it would rock back with about a 2 foot wheelie, then just barely skip them off the ground in the 2-3, & 3-4 shift. After I lowered the front eye it would come out with the front wheels about 4 ft in the air through 1st & 2nd. Like we talked about before, this is mopar S/S springs & between 9200-9400 rpm. Even with the spring mount too high, it really planted the slicks. Man I wish I could do that again.


                I think you need another car to show these kids how it’s done ;). It’s hard to tell from the picture (and what a GREAT job she did) that the wheels are in the air, could the the snubber have been to high? So that when you let the clutch out it hit the floor before the front could move?
                There is a nice Duster (street car) just sitting along side of someone’s house down the street, wan’t me to ask how much? 😆
                See you at PRI if everything goes as planed.


                    I’ve thought of looking up the guy I sold it to, In Nashville, Tn. He put a small block chevy in it with a 5 spd. By his second season with it, it had a 4 link, new front frame rails & chevy upper & lower control arms. At one time he had the E or F gas record with it. His name is Don Ford, from Don’s Automotive in Nashville. So much has been changed on it, I would rather build one from scratch. It was a lot of fun tho, my first 4 spd race car.

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