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      My man man at Our Hosting Server Found the cause of why the Forum went down. Now I was a “Bit” pursuasive in my persistant hammering to them to solve the problem (Yankee Stick-to it-ness)…but finally got right into “the inner sanctom” (with a few Tricks) to be in contact with a cool Techy . So If you Computer Geeks out there want to know the deal Here’s what he said (In Computer-IZE):
      “I’ve found the cause of the issue. It’s actually a bug in PHPBB3 that’s been reported, but not yet fixed. It has to do with the search function within phpBB3. The forum executes a MySQL query which fails to process. This causes all of the queries in the queue to be “Locked” which basically means that they’re waiting to process. This fills the amount of connections allowed, which is bringing down your forum. The only workaround that I was able to find, was to turn off full text searching of the forum. This prevents the query from executing, thus preventing the chain reaction that causes the site to go down.”………….. Right ! got that ?

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