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      To all who loved Billy….

      I am writing this note on behalf of myself and my daughter Cheryl to thank you for all the support and love you have shown us during this very difficult time. You were all very important to Billy and please know that all the posts on the Dover site during his battle and after meant so very much to him and our family. The phone calls you all made to boost his spirits helped him through some very difficult times and he loved talking with you for hours on end, reminiscing about old times and looking forward to new.
      We had such high hopes for him conquering this disease and we realize now that he did, in his own way and is now smiling down upon us all. He was more worried about Cheryl and I than he was for himself and faced his passing like the man I married and the friend that you all knew, some for a short time and most of you for many, many years. I truly believe he is in a better place, remains in our hearts morning, noon and night until we meet again. God lifted him up and carried him in those final hours. Think of him every time you work on your cars, pull up to the starting line and crossing the finish line, he will be sitting next to you telling you made a great pass and smiling from ear to ear. Cheryl and I know that from now on for every step we take in life he will only be half a step behind guiding, encouraging and loving us. He will be with us always and together we can do it by taking one day at a time.
      Too many names to mention but you all were so very important to him and shared a very special bond, your love of racing. Thank you all for being there. We love you, stay close and stay in touch.

      Donna and Cheryl

      “We are doing okay and are Blessed to have Bobby, Mary, Judy and her husband Frank on this day of Thanksgiving with us.” Donna


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