This is NOT a JOKE…Real Thing! Car runs on AIR

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    This is a real Deal…Think U S Auto Companys would ever allow
    Storm King ….carbon Fiber tanks ?

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    I’ve seen that vehicle before. Another green concept vehicle; but if he’s sold rights to Tata to build them in India he should have some capital behind him now.
    You can do carbon tanks, carbon is strong in tension, weak in compression, so someone hitting you would cause a rupture. I don’t know how well it would vent as opposed to a real rapid expulsion of air, like an explosion without fire. I wouldn’t want to be around it if that happened. Carbon splinters like no one’s business and is pretty nasty in a catastrophic failure.
    The problem is one he failed to recognize, or properly express. it’s not the car compaines who are reluctant to make dramatic changes, it is the federal beuracracy which is too heavy, ponderous, lathargic, and unaccountable to the people who make the draconian rules automakers must follow. Same type agencies that rule (note I did not say govern) the aircraft, firearms, etec, etc, industries.
    Bottom line is I think its a great car for third world countries, and breeding grounds like India and China and Mexico City. It’s what they need. Persoanally, I need them to drill here, drill now, so I can pay less and drive my 300 SRT Chrysler.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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