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      Be warned and be careful ! …As Charlie Brown Said-“Good Grief!”…Bobby S. alerted me …Thanks !

      …………..Interstate 84 now equipped with Point to Point speed devices.
      Once you enter the I-84 for instance you pass the etag device(being installed through out i-84) if you are speeding, a camera takes a photo of your car and records the exact time.
      At the same time ,sensors installed through out the highway(fall2009),are triggered.When you pass a sensor another camera at that point takes a photo of the car and the time. Then the computer calculates the time it has taken you to travel between the two points and calculates your speed.
      If you have completed the clocked journey too fast you are given a speeding ticket.
      At the present time the speed limit is 65 m.p.h.. and you have a tolerance of 5 m.p.h.and no more. One fraction over that speed and you are issued with a fine automatically.
      Remember, this is going to be a very costly experience for some drivers. It is also going to mean vehicles will be travelling at 65 in order to ensure that no ticket is issued.
      What a shock some drivers are going to have when they have used this roadway for a week and get a weeks tickets BOTH WAYS.
      Of course your license will also be recalled for three months and you know the rest. Take the advice and if you ignore it remember this email when you pay all those fines.
      Also, remember that now with the new legislation, fighting speed camera fines is almost impossible. You must prove the device is faulty and if you are not a technician working on them, you have no chance of beating the fine.
      These new point to point systems are being put onto any expressway or highway where vehicles are not able to exit between those points.

      By Robert Miller, Staff Writer ,The NewsTimes (Danbury,Ct.)
      Published: 10:44 p.m., Thursday, January 28, 2010

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        Very good info for anybody living, or traveling to N.Y. or Connecticut. I will be going to N.Y. soon, and Rte 84 is the main rd. to many places I’ll be going. 😮 😯 Thanks,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Mikey 😈 😈

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          I got the same e-mail about a week ago and forwarded it to my friends in the area. Almost instantly I got back responses saying its not true. The reporter whose name is on the bottom exsists as well as his newspaper, but he says he did not write it. The story has popped up in other states as well.

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            Ok …I search it out

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              See: http://www.snopes.com/autos/law/cameras.asp

              Even Qutes the News-Times Artical ,But Better yet give GOOD explaination.
              ….Note After You Go the Snopes.com Delete Your History ,Temporary internet stuff…(Tools then Internet Options >Delete)….Snopes full of pop-up ads .

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