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      I need to pick your brains out there. 40 Willys, running a 454 BBC, basically stock except cam, intake, carb, fenderwell headers. Aluminum 2-row radiator, electric pusher fan-claimed to be 2900 cfm, no grill, no inner fenders, 160 thermostat, stock water pump with electric drive. Radiator is mounted lower than motor.

      Overheating big blocks are no fun, Cy. About 40 years ago, I had a ’63 Impala SS that we put a 396 in. The only way we could cool it was with a 409 radiator. I’ve had some probelms with my ’32 highboy, too, but that’s another issue altogether (smooth hood sides, narrow engine compartment). Is your radiator narrow, like lots of early car units? That’s often the cause of big motor/high temp problems, as there’s just not as much core area as with (say) a later muscle car radiator. Just a thought. Anyway, your Willys made it in the Dover Drag Strip Reunion coverage I’m running in DRAG RACER Magazine. Just thought you’d wanna know. Good luck with the cooling problems.