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      quote CyV:

      The radiator is 25″ x 17″, it’s all I can fit between the rails. It is a 2 core aluminum. So, yeah that could be it, although I see guys running big motors with smaller radiators with no problem. Very aggravating to say the least. I think I’m going to pull the heads next, see if something is going on there.

      Thanks Randy, appreciate the coverage!

      You bet, Cy. I’m glad my photo guy got you in. Hey, I was thinking about your overheating problem again. Didn’t some of those big blocks have an issue with the intake gasket (or lack thereof) that either opens or blocks the heat riser passage in the center of the manifold? Another idea, what about opening the entire grille area instead of keeping the existing lightening holes? A stock grille would probably allow more in-coming air to reach the core itself. Don’t know, but I’ve gotta go. Tomorrow’s my deadline and I need to spit some more words at the screen. Cheers!