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      I Have a passion for the Hand Lettering Back then .We used to call it ‘California Style”…Then as some of the teams came east and set up shop (Jungle Jim and others) the ‘jersey boys'(sign artists) picked up on it like Glen ,Mr.J (Who did some of Jungles cars) and others , it became known as Jersey Style Lettering. I still have tons of photos for lettering referance of Drag Cars . One of the neat ones of this style is Randy Walls Super Nova yellow car (Theres a shot In our photo section) The West coast gassers of that time and ’65-’67-S/SX (first funny cars) are really good too ….Real Lettering Artists…Airbrush blends AND real Gold Leaf! My favorite was ‘Sir’ Nat Quick with his fantastic fueler cowls. My renditions of this style on nostalgia cars can be seen in “Art Show”. The worst thing I see lately is having some vinyl sign-guy nerd with no talent botch up a nice Vintage Drag Car restoration or period car with dopy ‘fonts’. “Didn’t have it then!”