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      I was waitin’ for that one! O.K., once again I’ve failed miserably at trying to post a pic. Which one of you guys want me to send you a couple of the Dart just to get it up here?

      Dino, for the first time since 1964 this car will not be called a “Storm King”. Even my turbo funny bike was under the “Storm King Motorsports” banner. I wanted this to be something different, we never ran a blown car, or in any class that didn’t have “STOCK ” at the end of it. Super Stock or Pro Stock was all we ever did.
      So..the Dart will be called “The Crusader”, and have a knight in Crusader armor with a bloody sword on a stallion crushing the muslim mosics and hordes underfoot. Can it get more politicaly incorrect? But if you close your eyes, you could see that car running back then. Candy striped, all hand lettered; all Dino, all the time.
      I’ve got just a few more things to get finish welded, and a couple more hard parts to get in house in order to do that, but it’s getting closer.