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      quote masracingtd1167:

      Maso I spoke to Billy Casey today. He told me he was going to look up this web site . billy is going into the hospital tomorow for a difibulator.While he is recovering he will have a lot of time to go on this forum.

      Ummm… I don’t know what a “difibulator” is… but I hope it’s not serious.

      Tell him that you made contact with J a c k De Lello’s brother who he will remember as “Toby”… but I don’t use that nick-name anymore. I am Thomas De Lello. He know me but by the other name.

      I remember when I made the mistake of hopping up on the running board of his red ’40 Ford on Pondfield Rd. and Billy took me for a fast and furious ride just hanging on for life. I coulda’ go killed… I didn’t think it was funny at the time.

      Billy was a charactor.