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      Thanx for getting the pics up! Looks like you had a real solid car to start with, makes the process go much more smoothly. Sure does feel “funny” to see it with the rear in the stock position. You are sure that you don’t want to move it maybe even 3-4 inches like Allen’s car was? His wheelwells were only stretched, not moved entirely. I don’t have a Dart so I don’t know, but wouldn’t you have to move some metal around to get a 30″ tire in there anyway? Those darts were SMALL cars……..

      Go with the 392!!!!!! There was a good number of doorslammer Mopars (and other makes!) that ran 392s instead of the 426 Elephant. I think they were mostly fuel-burners though. Alcohol is close enough these days; makes noise and watery-eyes in the pits.