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      I thought aboout stretching them a bit and moving them forward, but just didn’t want to make the effort. The factory rear frame rails had already been moved inboard (for whatever reason, the car ran a /6!) and already has “tubs” in it. This car was originally modified by some Tennessee ridge runner, and the wheel tubs are actually made from an old hot water heater! They aren’t nice. But then when I thought about ripping them out and doing a real nice set I got to thinking about how many of these old cars were, including the one we had back then, and they, for the most part, weren’t nicely done either. So I decided to leave it alone; warts and all. This era funny car
      was not built like the gassers back then, some of which were real jewels. These cars were thrown together quickly to go out and make money matchracing; so that’s how I’m doing this one. I know many of those old cars ran 392’s, a good number also ran max wedges. It’ll probably have both of them in it at some time or another.
      I’ve looked and looked at Allen’s car actually, and still can’t decide if the rear are really moved forward or not. I think they may be, but the more I look at it the less I’m sure. I don’t have any early ariticles right near by to verify.