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      I found an outstanding sattelite photo of Dover Drag Strip. It is either a photo from 2005 or 2008 – hard to read but the photo is crystal clear.
      Go on the web to Microsoft Virtual Earth
      Click on the first choice – the integrated mapping, searching, imaging site.
      In the search box at the top for the web search type in the address of the school bus company currently on the old Dover property – 3483 Pleasant Ridge Road Wingdale 12594. Then click on Web for the search.
      It will take you to the first choice which is a map of the address – click that one.
      Once the map finishes loading, click on the birds eye view, it will take you to the sattelite photo. There is a lake near the track now. Your cursor will move the image around to scan the entire area. The track and the return road are crystal clear. The staging lanes and the starting line are gone but the rest of the track is there.

      Charlie Irving