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      SURE DOES! thanks Gene! Nov. 7 Story about “Ghost Tracks” …Here’s a quick link to it :

      Here’s part of a Quote:
      … Marie Taney sent these two shots of Dover Drag Strip, which Chet Anderson and Joe Archiere built on 144 acres in Wingdale, N.Y. The track opened in the summer of 1961 and closed in 1976 and was one of a handful of East Coast strips that could draw big names such as Art Malone, who’s pictured here making a run in his dragster. “I am told Dover Drag Strip is a gravel pit now, but back in my early teens, it was a great place to spend a Sunday and not get into trouble,” she recalled. “It was $1 to enter and $3 for a pit pass. Afterwards, the racers would go to Josey’s Tavern on the Ten Mile River just down the road in Wingdale.

      …Josey’s Tavern ? ok guys ..fill us in on this…was this Sam’s ? before it was Sam’s ?

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      Hear is a link to NHRA site on an article about Dover Drag strip.
      Bob Lasko
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      Good old Bob L. ( one of our 28 Bobs on the forum) Didn’t notice Gene T. already posted this . —–>THAT’S WHY you gotta look at all the pages ! On the subject though, while I’m at this “NHRA” site post ….we recieved over 750 hits on the site Since that came out Fri. Got a few more on the forum from it too ! Some Dover Guys found us and thats Cool !