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      The site sure brings back a lot of good memories.
      I was there on opening day with a Ford in the stock class and it was bone stock and not a competitive car.
      Didn’t take long, I was back with a 55 Chevy running E/G “Odd Job”. Ran that car for years. Still have a bunch of Dover trophy’s. We even won a divisional race, won a jacket and a NHRA get in to race free card. Dover wasn’t NHRA that year so it never got used.
      We tried B/A for a short time. Bill McWilliams had a 39 Ford and I had a 409, a four speed and the slicks. We talked about putting that together on a Tuesday. Wednesday we started and that same week on Sunday we raced the ’39 for the first time. One Sunday we raced the B/A record holder for that time. We thought we were hot stuff, beating him all the way to third gear. Shifted into fourth and I could feel the car rock as he passed by so fast.
      The last race car I had at Dover was a A/MSP fiberglass body “Odd Job II” with the 409 four speed. That was the fastest car I had at Dover, running in the 10’s for me was fantastic. Moved to South Carolina in the 1965 so that was almost the end of Dover for me.
      I did come back one time and raced. That time I came back to visit with Don Scinto, he did all the machine work on the engines I had raced in the past. The car I raced that day was a daily driver ’67 Mustang that I had just drove up from South Carolina. Ran down the track several times with the air conditioner on just for old time sake.
      We did have fun and because of this site I can remember where I was for so many Sundays when I was younger. Thanks