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      Okay, now…

      The “Meet Dover Drag Strip” article in the first frame in the sixth paragraph says:

      quote :

      The strip manager is Van Mehren, a name familiar to all the Florida rod and rail watchers

      That’s interesting.

      I am in Miami now and I do know two guys who were involved in those days and in a big way. I will run this by them for pertinant information and I hope Dino’s DDS history guru is paying attention.

      One of those guys is Dick Besola who was an active street racer and track racer in the early 1950’s. Dick is a guy who is super keen on historical stuff and I know that he will quickly chime in on this if I e-mail him.

      The other guy is Harry Steele who was involved in the early ( and… I mean really early ) South Florida Timing Association. Those are the guys who set up clocks run on generators at three local WWII landing strips. Harry went on to become a high level NHRA official from 1958 to about 1964 and helped Wally and Buster set up the Nationals events at Detroit and at Indy. I helped Harry celebrate his 70th birthday a week ago on Saturday and I took a picture of it for T.V. Tommy.

      I will be back to you on this soon.