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      The first time I ever met Dick Moroso was at his parents home in Old Greenwich.
      I was about 14 or 15 and he lived over the garage and had a 4 speed transmission sitting on top of his TV set in parts.

      He always seemed like he was thinking about some new idea about how to go faster and I must admit his car was fast.

      I was in the Greenwich Ave store one day talking to him when he remembered that he had forgot to call in his monthly add to Hot Rod Magazine and he was about a day or two passed the dead line for the next months magazine and they told him he was to late for that next issue.

      He tried everything he could to get the person on the phone to help him and give him a break and when they would not he told them he would never advertise in Hot Rod Magazine again and for years he did not.

      Years later he did start to advertist with them again.

      Dick was a great guy and one of the smartest guys with a small block chevy I have ever known. I used to go up to his home in Ridgefield, in the early 70’s when he lived way out on Limestone Road in the sticks and the kids were all little at that time.

      Even the deal with the Moroso front tires was kind of crazy because he said to me how many people do you think would buy a skinny front drag tire with a Italian guy’s name on it?
      The rest is history but I told him your wife will kill you for spending the money which they did not have at the time.

      He had some interesting commends and stories about Jere Stahl after working for him which I better not talk about.

      There are many great stories in drag racing and Dick Moroso was one of them.

      Jim Hill