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      I knew a guy in my hometown that did that with a built slant six Valient. Had a factory bell on it, came around the town circle, brought the revs up and dropped the clutch and it lifted the car off the ground! Flywheel went through the floor, cowl, windshield, everywhere! after we moved the car to the side, it looked like pizza slices sticking out of the road; so we had to beat them out with hammers; as you said, so other folks wouldn’t be getting flats. Dumb crap. Years later some dude came to the house with a built Maveric, wanted to run against our Hemi GTX, but couldn’t go to the track because “I don’t want to mess it up putting a scattershield on it”. I took a ride in his car, it was quick; but quick for what it was, which was not a Hemi beater.