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      quote TomBlake:

      … I think that is what the rule book said for setback (memory again???). Thanks for the correction on the car’s year.

      Gas Coupes and Sedans also Street Roadsters needed to have the engines mounted such that the forward most spark plug would be within 10% of the wheelbase measured from the centerline of the front end spindals to the centerline of the rear axel.

      The ’39 Ford had the same body as the ’38 and the ’40 but the gilles were different each year. To confuse the matter even more, the “Standard” models always had the grille from the previous year instead of the newly designed grille. ‘Nuther words… a ’40 Ford “Standard” model would have a ’39 Ford grille… and a ’39 Ford “Standard” would have a ’38 grille. Only the “Deluxe” models in those years had the newly designed grilles. The ’37 Ford was the same body as the ’36 but also with a new grille design and with the headlights for the first time mounted inside the fenders. I don’t know if the ’37 had a “Standard” and a “Deluxe” model… that was the height of the depression and the Dearborn production facility must have been… well somewhat like it is now…eh…???