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      quote cullyflower:

      1937 fords did come in standard and deluxe. Standard had the grill painted body color and the 60h.p. flathead
      was used. Deluxe had a chrome grill and the much better 85h.p. engine. Will post a photo of the 37 2dr. that
      I owned for 22 years before selling it in a momentary loss of good judgement.

      That’s interesting because the Ford V-8 engine had serious design flaws that were not worked out effectively untill they came up with that 85 HP engine in ’37. Henry must have just wanted to get rid of all the bad 60 HP engines that he still had in his invantory this way…

      Did you know that Ford had a V-8 in 1923…??? It was available in the more expensive Lincoln car. It was a terrable engine with a two piece cast iron block that must have been impractical for asembly line production. When Henry wanted a “production line” V-8 in ’32… he knew that the stock holders would not go for it, and he didn’t want a 6 because Chevy had that… so he set up a special covert design facility in another city ( Cleveland… I think ) at his own expence and had his engineers work out a block casted in just one piece… a very difficult problem for that time.