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      Well…the Then Division Director: Darwin Doll…took a long time to show up for a “visit”. The Sanction ” was done kind of through the mail.” Provide Insurance info,own a track, get the deal. Never inspected us first to my knowledge. When he did show up , he was a little taken back with the left side shut down area drop off and the measly cables on old telephone poles as a gaurd rail. Thats when he said the sanction couldn’t be renewed ,unless those things were fixed. Which I assume Chet & Joe said wouldn’t be. Filling in the drop off would have requiered Major land filling and who knows the cost of “approved “guard rails. So the 1971 Winners Decal is sort of a collectors item….only one that says ‘NHRA’. They also couldn’t promise a “points meet” which is a profit maker for the track owner.