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I think you’re right, Dino, Doc wouldn’t be too pleased. He has always gotten left out of the fame of his own car, as people are fixated on the popularity of “Grumpy”.
Jenkins was a brilliant guy, no doubt, and I’d never take anything away from him. But he built a lot of engines, for a lot of people, and to my knowledge, the ‘Arrow is the only car the Jenkins’ groupies have co-opted for themselves as his own. I think that an odd and disturbing fixation of the man. Why was Strickler’s car always Dave’s and their relationship a team effort, but Doc gets ignored? Just weird.
While Jenkins success is undeniable, he for some reason (numerical hoards of GM people out there, I’d guess) seems to get more credit than Glidden, for instance, who won Pro Stock championships with Chevy and Mopar, running those brands only one single year, before continuing on with Ford to virtually dominate the class until NHRA finally figured out how to skew the rules enough to allow GM to dominate again. To me, Glidden’s accomplishments far outweigh Grump’s.
Marco told me he did the car as a tribute to Jenkins, as he was a Jenkins fan himself. Yes; I noticed the differences in the car just from the one picture I’ve ever seen of it. In the end; that car only has to please one man, Marcos. I have to admit I struggle with the idea of making my Dart a kind of tribute to Charlie Allen’s ’66 stretch nose car. i think it was just one of the coolest cars ever, of that short era. But in the end I’ve go to do it my way, for me.
My final thought, irrelevant of this discussion really, is that Jenkins did name the car, and have the initial lettering done on it. I always thought the car looked it’s best that first season. Clean, simple, dramatic, all at once. For those of us who were there and paying attention, Marcos car might be a poor imitation, but at least some folks will get to see some representation of it, and I’m cool with that!