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      Hi Richie; this is so great , yes i do remember that trade . I dont think you would do that today 😆 we lived AMERICAN GRAFFITY . Bill Casey

      quote rktman:

      I was just told about this site, this is a great idea. I was with the crew for Bobby Gallagher’s SS 63 Dodge, not to be confused with the 64 Dodge run by the Rickmans and Jay Broderick. The 63 never lost in SSA at Dover or stock eliminator as the Gramatan Dodge. In 64 I was with Rich Prokop’s crew and his 55 Chevy D gasser, I just saw an early picture of it on this site. I will try to find some later pictures. I saw Bill Casey’s post maybe he will remember my 60 Corvette, I traded my 2-4 barrel setup for a single AFB setup with him. A whole flood of names and memories are coming to me. More some other time. Long live the Dover Dragstrip Boys, Fondly, Richard Klatt