Thanks, Dino.
      I’ve heard some rumors that someone knows where the original “Black Arrow” is today. I do too, in 1971 it was sitting on a scrap pile at Consoldated Metal Works in Newburgh, N.Y. about to be crushed.
      As Consolodated would not sell anything once it came in the yard, I have no doubt it is gone for good, which it essentially was when we sold it, for $50.00 to a kid in Cornwall, N.Y.; whose Mom got tired of it sitting in the backyard and made him take it to Consoldated.
      Bill (my brother and the owner/driver) and I strripped the Arrow clean to build a super stocker, bacause by the time we got it the Arrow was a typical butchered up ’65 race car. We prefered super stock. We had already put a rod through the original block racing at Connecticutt in ’68, and so had a different hemi in it, which we bought through the Ramchargers due to the kindness of Jon “the voice of drag racing” (sorry Dino) Lundberg, who was announcing for Frank Marratta that year.
      Anyway, we picked up a wrecked ’64 Plymouth out of a salvage yard in Kingston, N.Y. for $75.00 and put some of the Arrow’s original thin steel on it, and off we went.
      I know Jim Krammer had that second car we built from the junker a while back, and some other guys have something lettered like the Arrow, but the real one is, just like Dover, long, long gone.