I don’t see any disagreement here or confrontation. I’d be happy to see whether or not the car was rescued, I just have very, very, strong doubts. It was a great car, with great history but its no biggie if its gone. It’s kind of like Petty’s cars, you know; they were race cars, and even his best ones they buried with a bulldozer in the back yard. All the old hemis, the works.
      That aside I saw your other post in the pictures section and wanted to comment on the Arrow’s adjustable wheelbase. Doc had a blacksmith from Wingdale or Pawling do the actual work, a real, honest to God blacksmith. Think aboout it; that is the kind of person Doc had connections with, because he was a veternarian. Before you laugh, that car ran straight as a string. It would be real easy for us to tell if this junker in a barn is it or not due to the unique nature of the mods made by the blacksmith.
      Incidently, neither the car that went to Consoldated, nor the current car in the Arrow’s markings has the correct VIN on it. That was not on the real car, as it had a fiberglass dashboard in it, and we pulled the vin off the original dash and it subsequently got lost. So unless someone actually stole the original VIN out of our tool box and it somehow appeared on this quasi replica that’s out there, it’s very unlikely, again, that the original VIN is anywhere to be found.
      But I digress…
      Fully altered the car had a 100″ wheelbase. It also had an intermediate position, which I think was the popular at the time 2%; we never used that. During 1968 we put the wheels back to stock location, made covers for the big ugly hole in front of them, and ran heads up super stock at Conn Dragway in a class that really was the forerunner to pro stock. 3,200#, 428 cube max, gasoline, and stock appearing, that was about all there was to it. It was great, Jay Broderick, Tasca Ford, Larsen Ford, Norwood Chevy, Kosty Ivanoff, and so many more I’d have to think about for a while, but it was just the best race year we had. Even had Joe Tyson come up in one of the Grumpy’s Toy Camaros along with Ed Miller, and along with Bill Flynn we all had to run a special match race within the regular heads up meet because of some suspicious malady with the P&G equipment said all of our engines were over cube. Funny that, considering Flynn and we had checked fine the preceeding four or five weeks! I think they just wanted a free extra match race. I actually have some of those rounds on super eight converted to VHS.
      We have some pictures that survived our move last year and Bill was looking at them this evening. Next week I’ll have my assistant scan and copy them and send an electronic file to whoever Dino says I should; and y’all can use them here.