I going to post a follow on to my last post. The car that is most likely running around currently in original Arrow livery is our modified wrecked ’64 we put some of the Arrow sheet metal on in 1969. When pro stock started for real we got a new Duster from park Motors in Newburgh and took the running gear out of the Arrow copy. Remember, the original motor was already gone.
      Some time after that, Doc called us and asked if we’d build him a streetable version of the car, because all these local kids would come by his place, knowing who he was, and want to take him for a ride in their Camaro or Chevelle to show him how fast they were. He told us about one kid who came over with such a car, and it had an oil pressure gage sitting loose up on the dash. When the kid hammered it, the gage just sat there. Doc got sick of these shenanagans and wanted a car he could show to these kids so they’d know what fast was.
      So, we scrounged up another hemi from here and there, and built Doc a sorta-replica. It was yellow, had the Arrows light metal on it, and that’s about it. Doc played with it for a while, and sold it back to my brothers partner, Richie Walsh, who started to prep it to run NHRA super stock. He may have run it, but not very much. I think that’s where the notion that the car is still out there came from.
      Bill could probably fill in some detail here and I’ll try to get him on more often. I got him to sign in today but just about had to put a gun to his head. We’ve always been involved with aircraft as well as cars, and that where his heart really is today, although once you get him started talking about racing its hard to get him to stop. So there’s hope.