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    quote dinotheweirdo:

    TEASER :about what Randy’s doing :as I added to his first post…the FIX is in ! like a 4 page article on the REUNION!!!. He has the photos his guy took and we’ve supplied a “few ” other things. So check out were it’s sold in your area or hit their website to subscribe. Probably the Nov. issue the way I figure…magazines have early deadlines & leadtime. MORE later.

    Okay, so the word’s out. Thanks for the “shameless plug” Dino. Actually, it’ll be in my January ’09 issue, which goes on sale at the end of November. It was cool to see the Reunion photos sent by my Official Connecticut Photographer and the historical photos Dino supplied really helped make it a nice piece. New subscribers can get on the deal by calling (866) 368-5651 and your support would be greatly appreciated. It’s a labor of love for me . . . not just a job. Thanks all.


    check it out ….dino-edit