You guys are just plain silly.
      First of all the Black Arrow never had a Dana rear end in it, never. It came with an 8 3/4, and that’s all it ever had in it until we took it out of the car to put in the replica. It went to Consolodated a COMPLETELY gutted shell with nothing but what little was left of the unit body.
      Freddie Murphy can recall things about the car from it’s early days, and probably how the chassis modifications looked, but he didn’t work on or even see the car the last two years it raced, or the following year or two it sat in our shop as a stripped shell.
      Somebody needs to sneak on this property and take a few pictures of this shell and be done with it.
      The black fenders on the Arrow are when Doc took off the acid dipped stuf and replaced them with fiberglass.
      Even the acid dipped doors that were originally on the Arrow were not on the replica we built. Those were sold to some guy out in Washington or Oregon. When we built the replica we bought different doors for a 990 car from Jerry Stein (Teacher’s Pet ’63 max wedge).

      edit-dino…Freddy confirmed…no DANA rear..brian asked him