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      Hey Girl ! I grew up in old Katonah with your Dad. Now I remember him vividly …quite a comanding voice. Came home from his driving duties at Reader’s Digest as chauffer to the big-wigs and got in the old clothes to thrash on the Racer. He had a Pile of Racing stuff on the walls of that garage behind H.H.Parks Gas Station (Gulf at the time). John would take frequnt trips to New York National Speedway on Long Island (Now a bunch of Condos) and always come back with a trophy. Went with him a number of times and always fell asleep in his back seat on the long ride home -way out in Center Moriches. Brian M. our ‘Track Histiorian” is already planning a trip to Mom’s house to visit & gather memories. We have our Dover CSI agents who specialize in differant area’s 😆 Thats how you ended up here ! Dino . . . . now about that shirt…..pant,pant 😉