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Jungle Jim movie in the works…
Agent 1320 learned today that after a two-year effort involving Pam Hardy, Bobby Doerrer and the Liberman family, a working script has been approved and most of the funding is in place to produce a feature-length movie on the life and times of “Jungle” Jim Liberman.

Some prominent names involved in the drag racing industry are mentioned as investors in the project. The working title is “Six-Second Love Affair.” The Agent reminded his source that there has already been a drag racing movie produced with the title “Seven-Second Love Affair.” Whatever the title turns out to be, a movie on the life and times of Jungle Jim should make a great movie!

ALSO found this post by Berzerko Bob at

“I know we’ve all heard about a lot of drag racing movies that never happened but this deal has legs. I’ve got the screenplay sitting right in front of me as I’ve been consulting with the writing team for over four years to make it as period correct as can be. You’ll hear more about it over the winter
Bezerko Bob” (edit-dino)