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      Okay, so…

      Brian M. “scored” a find in the woods somewhere but we don’t seem to remember the name of the guy who ran B/G in a car that looks at first like it should run in the Modified Production class untill you realize that it has a big block Chevy in there. Although those heafty looking traction bars do give something away don’t they. Pass the Geratol…

      It’s just that you expect to see a 40-41 Willy’s coupe or a ’37 Stovebolt in B/G… but hay why not…??? This is what makes Hot Rodding so interesting.

      How well did he do in B/G…? It looks like he might have driven it on the street too. I’d be very proud to have and drive a car like that. It should be recovered and restored by someone who cares. I hope that happens.

      I’m just trying to get a handle on what the origional owner was about when he set this car up.

      Was “Arrow Auto Parts” trying to promote the idea that they could supply some very unusuial motor mounts…??? That’s a joke of course, I do love the way that hot rodders find ways to adapt parts to fit in special situations.

      Look at it there… it’s even got the origional wheels…! Looks like a good project for Billy Casey.