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    Man, what a dream to hear from your guys! Yes, them (JA) Jack Approved Decals are available. Drake, you rascal, I laugh every time I think about the P.O. & tha “Buds”. That was a funny story that I just e-mailed Dino. People today would not beleive it. Maybe he can post what I sent him about the “Buds”. I keep forgetting when I write something that most of todays racers do not know the racers I am writing about. I will keep that in mind in the future. I will be at Capitol Raceway Reunion on Oct. 12th. You can see the Old Dominion Dragstrip’s 50 yr. renuion by login onto Old Dominion Speedway, then hit the dragstrip side, and then 2008 photos. Also some of my jabbering can be found on, then Message Board, then What’s up, then scoll down to Pro Fuel Associates, or the (JA) Jack Approved Decal Club, Raley the “Boniac Man”,
    Rolling Rock Maple Grove & Me, ODS Al Gore(of Va. not Tenn) Monk & Me, etc., Hope to see you all at Bruce Larson’s Barn in Nov. Contact me at call (301) 423-7998 or send Budweisers to: Jack Redd, 5211 Glenn Hills Rdway, Camp Springs, Md. 20748
    Next time the Dover Dragstrip “Gang” bails out Jack at Indy! Remember that one Dino!
    God Bless this siite, you all and the USA!
    Did you know that everyone has flowers on their faces! “Tulips”!