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      JACK ‘JA ‘hisself sent me this ….

      JA Dino, How is your memory? Remember (JA) Nutty Ole Marty Winspar and his Hudson Hornet? Big Ol Fat’o Dino (you naturally) Mr. Bud (Budweiser?)Charlie Boucher’s A/D & C/D, Frank Biaroglia’s A/D, Don Sinto, Gene Terenzio’s Buick powered”let It Fly” A/FA, Big John Benson’s Pontiac N/SA to name a few?
      Also Drake Viscome’s first outing in his Carmel Ford “Vindicator”. I send him some (JA) decals later and he won a meet. So, he send me a case of Budweiser in the mail. Some how it got busted open and I got an official letter from the US Postal Inspector that it was illegal to send beer in the mail. So I took it to the Post Office and told them that I didn’t send it and I was not aware of the rules. But, you all damaged the mail and I want a refund or another case of beer. I got the price of the case. Oh, they were the days!!