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Thanks 34 Gasser and Plain……I’m looking at a 496″ street roller motor 630hp on dyno. The 396 has a hole in one head and a “window” in #2 cylinder, pretty much junk now. The 396 was a 67 2 bolt studded block, forged steel crank, late model truck rods w/arp bolts, and TRW .030 10-1 pistons. The cam was .540 lift hydraulic. The heads had stock chevy valves which led to its end. The heads were a low mileage used deal from a friend back then, can’t complain. You can get close to 500hp from a oval port 396. Just look at some of the NHRA stockers out there running 68 or 69 Chevelles…all in the mid to low 11’s @3800lbs.