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      Now you all can see where my username came from. 1970 Chevelle SS (original) w/1967 396-325hp, Dynamic Turbo 400 & 10″ conv., 12 bolt w/4:56 Strange posi 33 spline axles w/C-clip eliminator. Best ET for this combo:11.75 @ 113 at Island Dragway 3800#. Ran NETO and NMCA in ’05 and ’06 (car was red then). Spent a year in the body shop. Currently running NMCA and RAM races.I got a little ink and pic in Fastest Street Car mag. Oct.08 and got a nice shot in the Nov. issue of Popular Hot Rodding at a NMCA race. A dream come true to be in a national mag! Next year will be running NETO again….real nice folks. Next season will be different …my old reliable 396 swallowed a valve last month at Island. 10 years and 197 runs later I can’t complain!! See ya,

      Bob Smith


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        Hi Bob
        killer picture of you ride, 😮
        will be Great to see you with NETO AGAIN next season,
        know what you mean how good you feel when you get some ink in a national magazine doing something you love.
        Wiilbe at the starting line wating to get more pictures of you chevelle next season. :geek:

        BOBBY S.

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          Looks like it leaves hard, like a BB car should. 11s in a 3800lb car is not easy. 10years and nearly 200 runs on 1 engine is GREAT! What do you have planned for the engine rebuild?

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            Very nice car. If you don’t mind me asking, what parts are you using in the motor, crank, pitons, rods,etc. Stock, aftermarket. That is a very reliable car. You did it the right way.


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              Thanks 34 Gasser and Plain……I’m looking at a 496″ street roller motor 630hp on dyno. The 396 has a hole in one head and a “window” in #2 cylinder, pretty much junk now. The 396 was a 67 2 bolt studded block, forged steel crank, late model truck rods w/arp bolts, and TRW .030 10-1 pistons. The cam was .540 lift hydraulic. The heads had stock chevy valves which led to its end. The heads were a low mileage used deal from a friend back then, can’t complain. You can get close to 500hp from a oval port 396. Just look at some of the NHRA stockers out there running 68 or 69 Chevelles…all in the mid to low 11’s @3800lbs.


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                that is one great lookin car 😛 that looks like candy tangerine , the color of my 69 camaro…

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                  Billy, I have to tell you the color of your 69 Super Pumpkin has been welded in my brain since ’75 or so and when I finally got a chance to do a car that color I went with it. Now you know why I was so crazy about finding pics of your car from then. Once a Dover car gets in your blood it never leaves!! It’s PPG “Orange Blast”. Thanks for the compliments……but mainly thanks for the memories!!


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