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      Well folks you probably summized that Howie is my buddy from Oklahoma. He is a terrific guy; been a good Mopar friend for some years now. He’s working on his second ’65 AWB car. I had a thought to contact him about this site after seeing 34gasser/65AWB’s new project. I was thinking wow, that’s a tough way to go about that! But we all seem to have different ideas about what way works best for us. Howie is having Mark Goodman do most of his chassis (unibody) mod work; as he did the first one for Howie also. He does really good work, is located around Cathage Mo. Mark is the guy who built the first all steel normally aspirated, no power adders, slant six that ran in the tens in the 1/4! Pretty wild to watch!
      Howie’s in the UK right now on Reserve Air Force duty and will be home soon. We’ll get him to post some pics then. We really want to go do some match racing together; and the more folks with the right type period cars, the better.
      Welcome to Dover, Howie!