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      quote Maso:

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      Maso…you seem to have quite a photo collection to draw from…fill us in

      Yeah… but only one of them is actually my own intellectual property. The one of the Tippets dragster and his jeep doing the push start turn around mid track at Dover. You’re welcome to it.

      I also have Dennis C. Tate’s three part video on DVD, and from that my ‘puter can take as many still shots as I could ever want… but I wouldn’t want to have a legal problem with him. He’s a nice guy and we know each other from e-mail and telephone corrispondance.

      I look forward to seeing more through this effort.

      Are you going to have an Internet Photo Archive of Dover pictures soon…? I will really enjoy that.[/qu

      he took (barrooooooed ) my tape from dover, and never gave it back, luckily I still have the master,and only if he took the photos himself, is it copyrighted some of that footage is mine.