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      Drake- working on pictures of that clubs jacket & tail plaque, waiting for my buddy to come back from Secracuse with his son-in-law who builds roundy-round chassis’s. I see Pete Improte about once a week at Bobs Auto Parts, his brother Tony passed on mid ’70’s, Pete is out from the town of Kent highway, he live in LaGrange happly married, and put’s out around in his garage doing minor body work stuff when he feels up to it. He painted my last street car my original ’64 Barracuda. Andy is usually at Bobs in the mornings that goes to his taxidermy shop and running The Wizard wagon. Joe D is running a killer B/SA BB nova. Vito S. has a fuel injected GT/DA,
      Tiny is working on finishing his mustang F/C. Lou Vignogna has his shop off rte 9 V&V racing engines, his son Jimmy is running the S/S wagon. His brothers George & Ray & Jerry have cars out there also Ray’s son is driving. Hope to have some pictures from Atco of Paul Galvins twin 409 digger with his daughter Caroline driving. Dino if I make the Dutch I’ll try and light the flame again under their buts. 🙄
      ’bout it for now.