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      Dino, you won’t believe this but I have a picture of that Comet! Of the very few photos that survived the move from Ok. To Ky., that one is still around. I’ve got a shot of it in the staging lanes.
      I know Drake bought at least a couple of Al Joniec’s cars over the years, and it looks like the Sam Auxier Mustang in one picture, and I’d bet the former Stone, Woods, And Cook Mustang in another. In fact, I think that’s the S,W,&C Pinto, also. I always like the Bat-Car with the electro-statically applied fuzz paint job. Not great for low drag, but cool for sure!
      I’m blown away buy all the other cars though! I had no idea either. Drake has been a blessed man to have had all that fun; and yes, he really did keep his kit in top shape.

      Love the chopped, probably 2.0 Pinto gasser! Long live comp eliminator! Down with NHRA!