Re: pics


      WE”RE ON IT !!!!! HOW ‘BOUT AN AIRIAL PHOTO OF TRACK “BACK THEN” ?!? Brian Marasco “track Historian” has tracked down (somehow) an actual photo of the REAL track from I don’t know what year, and it shows eveything! Working on scan, clean-up to post. …. SEE’ DOVER GONE ‘THREAD FOR AERIAL SHOTS edit-dino
      About Brian: He just had to overhaul his “crashed” computer,and WATCH for him to check in here when his system is back up. AS OF T O D A Y ….after talking with him on phone last night (7/25/08)… (probably as I type this) ….he is AT THE TRACK site TO GET AL (the starter)’s Original “Official” jacket” from some local that had it all this time. Brian spends all his free time tracking down Dover stuff for his private collection and without his efforts , a lot of whats on this site wouldn’t exsist. He says he’ll be checking in here on a regular basis, posting things soon….that wil lbe awesome !