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Dino the nitro fumes are getting to you! I sent that to you awhile ago with two other pictures. Let me refresh your memory. I was 12 years old and hanging out at the garage in Queens where Willie Feyh worked, Dave Daly was the owner and driver of the car, and I would wax it, polish the americans, drain the water after each run and got to steer it back the return road at the tracks after each run. I wish I had some pictures of that. I am restoring the car now (I own it now) and it was at the reunion about 10 years ago when I first got it. I can’t remember but who it was but I got a picture of the MG racing Charlie Bouchers C/A at Dover. My greatest desire would be to recreate that photo at the Valley someday, I know that the C/A is already restored so it’s up to me. While we are on that subject I really think that the Dover reunion should be at Lebenon Valley with all the old drag cars that can be found. You can invite the ones that raced if we can locate them. Involve NEATO too.