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      Ya got me wondering about your pic now. I bought the car in ’67 and you think this pic is from ’68. My buddies and I used to come to the track with Restless. I had removed the side and rear lettering in ’68 because of all the police harrassment. After a cop would stop me, he’d come to my driver’s door and say, so Mr. Restless, where’s your license and registration. I earned way too many tickets with that car in my teen days. I held on to the metal flake as long as I could. But she finally spidered out everywhere. Plus the custom nose that was built over chicken wire and two by fours kept cracking on the ends. The guy that sold me the car, not the builder, told me the custom nose was to cover up the damage to the original nose. For 5 years prior to me doing a resto on Restless, I searched around looking for a nose from the front wheels forward, or even an original full nose. Never did find one. I figured I’d get one later down the road after I had her all stripped down. What a supprise I got when I cut my first chunk of the custom nose off. The original nose was under there, undamaged except for the screw holes to hold the chicken wire.
      I’ve included a pic of her after I delettered her. One other special thing about your pic is what I see under the nose. It appears to be a license plate, which is where I had mine. I remember clearly because police kept ticketing me claiming it was too low or too far back to be seen. I ran the cheater slicks for quite awhile until I lost control on a turn during a rain storm and ended up doing 360’s down the road until I finally stopped just in front of a very large tree.
      This would be wild to find not just a pic of Restless at the track, but with me in it.
      Any help with this old Polariod would be appreciated.

      [edit-Dino…’68 ? I really wasn’t sure …You Are ,these T.O’Shea photos in the Big ODF Gallery span a number of years (1400 pics!) and aren’t dated …started about 66 & go through about ? 68-69 If I’m correct .]