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    Vinny How you doing youngster,
    Bobby Schlegel saying HI,
    I remember the cuda as it was yesterday, when dad had the one bay gas station on 301 & fowler ave in carmel, 😯
    remember testing the car on the 301 cross-way over the water, 😳
    than we took him to dover WON first time out trophy
    and the rest is HISTORY 😀
    Remember coming home from speed parts center with the headers for the car (had to have them now after wining a trophy 🙄 )
    sticking out the windows of a VW bug, had some crazy looks on
    I 684. Remember Dad keep it a secret for almost a month from Mom that the headers were on the car. Can keep on going with all the memories, remember when Low Vignogna had his 63 mopar painted in the station also. :mrgreen:

    Great to see you on the site, please say Hi to all
    Bobby S..