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    quote Billy Casey:

    hi gene … panuzzo wasn’t a real cop ,, he just managed to get a pay check every week 😆 😆 😆

    quote Gene Terenzio Sr.:

    quote jpee:


    I just joined the site.. I raced at Dover in the 60s.. with Skip North, Joe Tanner, & ed Simpson from Redmond Chevy… I had a 1966 SS396 anyone hear from Ed .. I think he was last in Fla.

    My name is John Panuzzo

    Were you a cop? and did you live in springdale?

    Yup Gene, I used to live on Columbus Place.. John Jr was my son… & as for WORK 😀 Billy Casey used to fake it over on Prospect Place… and drink coffee with Lt. Wayne Goodwin LOL

    I’m in 2nd place at E Town in the 11.5 index class we’re supposed to finish this Sat (Nov 8 but it looks like rain so it might be Nov 22..

    Casey are you still pretending you can “tune” those “Old Fashon” carburetor cars.. 😀